So excited and I just can’t hide it!

April 15, 2010 - Leave a Response

Every Sunday I am awoken by my email notification on my bb and it is my weekly ‘sale mail’ from  This is the first time I’ve ended up buying something from it but am slowly becoming addicted. They’re Blue London jeans I bought from Victoria Secret (for $16 !!!). I’ve always been more keen on dresses but this year I’ve taken more interest in different styles of jeans. They are more trendy, a denim take on harem pants, and will be shelved by the end of

the year; but, who cares when their so cheap!

Also a few months back I bought these tortoise sunglasses that were a mix between a wayfarer and a cat eye and the shape looked great on my face – if I don’t say so myself. So when I came across these black cat-eyes from I high-tailed it through the online checkout and waited impatiently for them to arrive.

I have many, many more things on my spring/summer to-buy list, but these are hands down my favorites … so far.


LOL smiley face

March 23, 2010 - Leave a Response

Spring breakers have officially taken up residence in FtL and my Vegas trip is getting so close I can taste it … funny, it tastes alot like vodka tonic 😉 I don’t remember where I saw this, but I loved it and somehow feel it very appropriate for the beginning of spring break season and all that follows. Speaking of appropriate, my genius friends and I have compiled a list of alternate names for one night stands ….

1. sex friend
2. pleasure acquaintance
4. screw boooo (my top choice 😉 )

5. overnight companion

6. sexual prey
7. mattress master

Oooh My!

March 8, 2010 - Leave a Response

Yes, Meryl Streep was chic, Sandy Bullock was stunning, but Vera Farmiga’s Oscar gown – Oh my. The color, the cut, the volume!  Although the hair/makeup/jewelry didn’t quite match up to the greatness of the dress, it still wowed me.

It was slimming, complimentary to her skin color, and very high fashion. Being that this was her first ever appearance at the Oscar’s I’m excited to see what she’ll bring out in future!

Two Times the Charm

February 11, 2010 - Leave a Response

In last six months I’ve become a huge, huge fan of double rings. My first one was from the W store, it is an all out badass knuckle ring – I get comments on it every single time I wear it. My second I just purchased from Forever 21, my go-to for short-term loves such as this. It’s adorable and lady-like (complete opposite of  the knuckle ring) and it spells out “Love” in cursive … awww.

Leave it to my RiRi to put a spin on an already original idea. In recent photos she has been spotted wearing the “Floating” double ring by Skinny; its amazing and for cheap! Check it out!

Mama Always said!

February 1, 2010 - Leave a Response

Back in the day, Mama T told me I was going to be a writer. I cringed and said ew. Writing to me just seemed boring. I hated reading ever since my very first book report and never looked back. Then came college and I realized how easily writing came to me – still not interested. It wasn’t until my first internship when someone other than my mother validated my apparent ‘talent.’ (Ok it was a pretty big ego boost when the co-founder of the firm suggested I become a free lance writer!)

In the last year I’ve had a sudden interest in reading about all of these harry winston chasing shopaholics and what the big deal is. Maybe it was all the free time I’ve had – economy fail – but with each book I read I thought more and more about how I would’ve written that particular story and what I would’ve done differently.

I guess this blog is my foray into it all …